Value of Time

Value of Time Introduction: Time is endless. It is always in motion. It has started its march just with the creation of the world. From then, it is going on and on. But our life span ( is very short. If we want to make our life successful, we must make the best use of our time.

Value of time

The value of time in this world knows no bound. Time never stands for a single moment. It only goes on and on. The popular saying goes - "Time and tide waits for none." Another English saying goes "Lost property can be gained by hard labour, lost health can be gained by medicine, but time once lost is lost forever". That is why, every moment in our life is very precious. So we should be punctual in every sector of our life.

Punctuality in human life: Any human being can have extra-ordinary achievements making the best use of time. The greatest men of the world are glaring ( examples of this. Abraham Linklon became the president of the USA from a mere worker due to his punctuality. In the same way, punctuality was the driving force behind the success of all greatmen.

Punctuality in student life: Student life is called the seed time of life. A popular saying goes - "As you sow, so you reap." If a student is punctual, his education and all other activities will be disciplined. He will be able to prepare his lessons in time. Besides, all his daily activities will be well planned. This will help him greatly to be successful in life.

Ways to use time properly: There are lots of duties and responsibilities in human life. To perform all these in our limited lifespan, we must act planwise. For this, we need to divide our time according to our duties and responsibilities. We must not put off anything for tomorrow. If we maintain a well-planned daily routine strictly, we will be able to make the best use of our time.

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Demerits of being not punctual: If anyone is not punctual, he brings disaster for him. A commander of Nepoleon in the War of Waterloo was a few minutes late. This resulted into a tremendous defeat of Nepoleon. In the same way, many bright students are found to fail in the examination due to their being not punctual.

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