The golden fibre of Bangladesh

The golden fibre of Bangladesh Introduction : Jute is the main cash crop of Bangladesh. It is called the golden fibre () of this country. It is got from the bark () of jute plants. Generally jute plants grow from 10 to 15 feet high. It has no branches (T). It leaves grow on its stem.

The golden fibre of Bangladesh

Cultivation : Jute grows well in hot and moist (รก) climate. It requires heavy rainfall. About eighty percent of the world produced jute is grown in Bangladesh. The cultivation of jute is a difficult process. It requires hard labour. At first the land is ploughed and manured (C) well. Then seeds are sown in March or April. Little plants come out in a few days. Weeds () are carefully pulled out at times ( ). The jute plants become matured () in July or August. They are then cut down and put into water for some days to be rotten. When they get rotten (975), the fibres are taken out of the stalk (). The fibres are then washed and dried in the sun. Jute is thus made ready for sale and use.

Usefulness & Jute is used in many ways. Clothes, ropes, carpets, gunny bags, school bags etc. are made from jute. Recently it is used in making partex and paper. The stalks are used as fuel (f). The poor villagers use the stalks for fencing. Pople eat its tender () leaves as vegetables.

Conclusion & Jute is our valuable asset. The prosperity () of our country is mainly dependent on (n)jute. Bangladesh earns a lot of foreign exchange by exporting jute and jute goods to other countries. So we should cultivate more and more Jute to develop our country.

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