Television mechanism information

Television is very necessary to modern culture and civilization (1-1). We can get various kinds news throughout the world sitting at home. Political leaders can also form public opinion through it. It is the best medium of being familiar (af) with customs (f) and traditions (af), fashions and culture of the people of different parts of the world. It is a great source of recreation (C). We enjoy drama, dance, music and songs through it. Television plays an important role in education. It is being used to teach the students and illiterate people. It also arranges special programmes for children, women, workers and soldiers.


Abuses of television: Television is not only useful to us. It has some abuses (p) too. Sometimes young boys and girls concentrate (f) their attention so much on it that they forget everything They forget about their studies which is the main duty of the students.

Conclusion: Really, the television is the charm of the age. In a developing country like ours. importance of television cannot be ignored (). So government should try to make it available among all sections of people.

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