Population Problem in Bangladesh

Population Problem in Bangladesh troduction: The population of a country is a blessing () to her. But it becomes a curse (1) when it grows very quickly and the people would not be productive. Bangladesh is a small country. Her population is too much to her area. But her land area is limited. So population problem of our country is the burning question of the day.

Population Problem in Bangladesh

Causes: The ca of high rate of population growth in Bangladesh are many. Most of the people of our country are ignorant (). They do not know how to control the birth rate () through family planning. Some rural (T) and religious superstitions obstruct (C) our people in family planning or birth control. For this reason, they do not be eager of family planning.

Most of the boys and girls of our country get married before they become matured. This early marriage is a special cause of high rate of population growth,

Dangers of over population: If our population grows at a high rate, our country will have to face a great problem. This will affect the economic development and progress of the country. The country would not be able to give proper food, clothes, residence, educational facilities, medical facilities and other basic necessaries of life to this increasing people. Unemployment problem is a great problem of our country. Being unemployed our youngs become frustrated (). So they do many social crimes. Again, this population problem causes serious traffic jam everyday. This traffic jam destroys much of our time. So the over population is a great threat for our country.

Solution: To check the rapid growth of population some measures can be taken. Firstly, the high birth rate of population have to be checked through the family planning. It is the main effective (2) solution of the problem. Secondly, we have to make campaign (f) to educate mass people. It will help them to understand the value of family planning and the problem of over population. Thirdly, early marriage have to be stopped by government law. People have to be aware about this. Lastly, various encouraging (G) programmes should be taken to make the people eager to stop the rate

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