My pet animal

My Pet Animal Introduction: We have friends. But we do not get them for all times. We usually keep pet animals to spend our leisure. It is not less than a friend. We always get it by our sides. We treat it with care anda 

My pet animal

 I have a pet animal. It is a co g. The name of my pet animal is 'Montu'. I like the dog as my pet animal because it is a faithful animal. I varns () us in danger and acts as a care- taker.

Description: My pet dog, Montu is a four-footed animal. Its body is covered with short hair. It has two long ears and bright eyes. It has sharp claw and pointed (1) teeth. It has a tail. It is short but curved(). The colour of my dog is brown. The nature of my pet animal is up to the mark. It has a very strong sense of smell. It can follow a man c an animal only by scent. It is very clever. It is often used in finding out thieves. My pet dog is habituad (ere) in eating flesh, fish, bread and rice.

Conclusion: My pet dog is a good one. Wher it sees me even from a long distance, it rushes to me and lies on beside me. When I begin to fondle() it, it informs me satisfaction () and faithfulness (f) by moving its curved tail. I love my pet dog very much and it also loves me very dearly.

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