Modern Science

Wonders of Modern Science Introduction: Modern science is nothing but a skilled () magician (-). One after one, it is providing (cao-fc) the mankind with wonders. The wonders of modern science are too many to illustrate them in a short essay."

Modern Science

Electricity, the first wonder: Electricity is the first wonder of modern science. It is the driving force of modern civilization . Without it, the advancement  of, modern science is impossible.

Computer Computer is the most wonderful contribution of modern science. It is often considered to be a substitute (-) for the human brain. There is hardly any sector in our life, where we do not use computer.

Medical science : Biopsy and Ultrasonography, E.C.G, Ultra-violet ray, X-ray and Penicillin are the wonders of modern science in the field of medical science. Besides, there are many other inventions of modern science against many other fatal diseases.

Modern communication Science has created wonders in the field of communication. Telephone, telex, fax, wireless, telegram, e-mail etc. are great wonders. They have brought the world closer to us.

Mass-communication and recreation Television, radio, internet etc. are the main sources of mass communication as well as recreation. Television and radio are the popular mediums of communicating thoughts and opinions. At one hand, they broadcast the news of national and international affairs. On the other, they are the chief sources of entertainment. Likewise, internet provides us with all kinds of information.

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