Importance of Reading News

Importance of Reading News. Newspapers is a paper that carries news to us. It tells us what is happening at home and abroad. It is the store-house of knowledge and information


The newspaper was first published (f) in China. The first Bengali newspaper was the 'Samachar Darpan'.

Kinds of newspapers: There are many kinds of newspapers. They are the dailies, the weeklies, the monthlies, the quarterlies (1) etc. The daily newspapers contain the news of daily affairs ( ) of home and abroad. The other papers publish stories, poems, essays etc. The Ittefaq, the Jugantar, the Prothom Alo, the Daily Star, the Daily Sun etc. are some daily newspapers in our country.

Usefulness: Newspaper is very useful to all sections of people. We cannot think of modern world without it. It has made the world smaller. It helps people to express opinions (). It also helps publicity. It has a great educative value. Through newspapers we can know the market conditions, the news of games and sports, political situations etc. of home and abroad.

Demerits (1): A newspaper is not altogether free from evils. It has some demerits. Sometimes it publishes false or partisan () news, and excites (Ger) public feelings.

Conclusion: We cannot think of modern life without newspaper. But newspaper should be free from all kinds of partiality. We should read newspaper regularly to make jis knowledgeable about everything that happens around us.

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