top 3 important factor for growing your life

Three important tips that are necessary for life.And read carefully the whole article where it is said about the various topics of a learned man.



Time is very precious opp0 to us Time and tide waits for none. Time-once gone is gone forever. have to make the best use of your time. In order to use your time properly, you have to do certain things. Fa of all, make a routine of your daily activities (9). Include every moment of the day in your tu Make a proper of division (fasern of time according to the importance (10) of each subject or an Then strictly (so follow the routine. You must utilize most of your time and energy Don't put any for tomorrow what you can do today. Don't idle away your time. Remember, every second is much valuta you. So don't waste (ith your time gossiping on-CD with others. Read when it is time for radi and play when it is time for playing Thus you can make the best use of time...


General knowledge means knowledge of facts about a lot of different subjects. You cannot improve it o reading your text books. If you want to improve your general knowledge, you must do certain things Fra all, read the newspapers daily. There are topics on Bangladesh affairs Como fe, International afin e femm, science (fast), education, games, trade and commerce Caram-am, culture qfe You should read them thoroughly. Make a note book to write down the important events ronds watch TV news and debate (fe) competitions cafeerfitat), thirdly, read good books on various b Finally, discuss and review them with your friends. Thus you can improve your general knowledge.



A joumey is always interesting. It gives us much pleasure. It is very easy to make a bus journey. If you wa make a bus journey, you need to do certain things. First of all select the date, time and destination of you journey Go to the bus stand at least one or two days before your journey and find out the right hus conte From the booking counter collect your ticket for the journey. Check the date, time, destination and d number very carefully. Now, go back home and get ready your luggage (r), Make a list what you se taken with you On the day of journey, go to the bus stand before the bus starts. If you huggage is heavy, put it into the luggage box. If it is not heavy, take it with you. Get on the bus and find ou your seat. Check your ticket again and sit on your seat. Don't cat anything from any unknown persons.

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