Football match 2022

Football match 2022 Introduction / The game I witnessed: I play various games like football, cricket, badminton, table tennis etc. Among them I like the game, football most. It is a popular and interesting game. I like to play and witness (56-C) football match. I have witnessed a good number of football matces. Last week] also had an opportunity ) to witness a football match between Homna High School and Dulalpar C.M High School. It was played in our school ground. The match was full of thrill (car) and excitement. It gave me much delight 

Football match 2022

Gathering of the people : On the appointed day, I along with some of my friends, went to the venue in time. Thousands of football loving people gathered around the field to witness (CTU) the game. We were able to take our seats in the south-east corner of the field.

First half of the match: The referee and the players entered the field in time. The spectators (4³-444) from all sides of the field cheered (f the players. Just at 4 p.m the referee blew off his whistle and the game started. At the very beginning of the match there was a pin drop silence (1). But within a few minutes, an excitement (e) spread out among the spectators. All the players were playing very carefully and nicely. There were shouts of encouragements ( all around the field. This made the game more interesting. The team of Dulalpur C.M. High School were able to make several movements and had few scoring chances. But the defenders (GEPS) of Homme High School foiled (f) them skilfully Both the teams were equally strong. There was no goal in the first half.

Second half of the match: At the beginning of the second half both the teams grew furious (-). They attacked each other and tried to net the ball. There was wild excitement on both sides The match continued with attacks and counter attacks for the next few minutes. But at the last moment miracle - happened. There was a penalty within the goal boundary of the Homna High School team. Then the scorer of the opposite team kicked the ball and were able to score a goal. Il happened in the twinkling of an eye (CTC). The time was over and the referee blew the final whistle Thus the game came to an end with the victory of Dulalpur C.M. High School.

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