Computer mechanism information 2022

Computer Computer is the most wonderful contribution (R) of modern science. It is an ultra modern (of electronic device () of modern technology(). But it has no ability to do anything by itself. It can solve many complicated (f problems within a short time.

Computer mechanism

Invention Computer is invented by the hard work of many scientists (). Charles Bavez is Ocalled the father of modern computer. He invented the structure of computer at first in 1833. His invented (P) computer had five parts. These were Store, Mill, Control, Input and Output. By following the structure of computer of Bavez, Harverd University and I. B. M. company combindly () invented the modern electric computer in 1944. After this, it has been rapidly (5) modified) and many other computers have been invented.

Working system: A computer performs () three functions. It receives data, processes it and last emits ( ) it. At first the details (af) of work is put into the input of the computer. It s called programme. The computer does not work in our language. So the programme is to put in its own anguage. This programme is typed and produced in the tele-type unit of the information () input. The output prints the results with the help of the printing machine.

Usefulness: Computer is very useful to us. It is used in our daily life for various purposes. Computer as made a great change in education. The result of various examinations is prepared accurately by omputer within a short time. At present computer is used to diagnose (-) disease. A new rocess of operation is invented by computer as an alternative () of surgery (). Beside this, omputer is used to grind (f) stones in normal pathological test (a). Now-a-days, omputer is used in commerce to prepare document and budget and to store information. The price of urrency () and price of any share can be known instantly () by computer. At present, computer is sed to run mills, factories and industries in developed countries. Cars, trains and planes are also run by peperfor


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