A Journey by Boat

A Journey by Boat Or, A Journey I have Recently Enjoyed (Barisal Board-2014] Introduction: Any kind of journey is pleasant (1) to all. But a journey by boat or launch is specially (4) very pleasant and enjoyable (t) to me. During the last autumn vacation () one of my friends requested me to attend his sister's marriage ceremony at Daudkandi, So I got a chance to make a journey by boat.

Journey by Boat

Description / How I made it: We were five in number. On the fixed date we reached Homna launch ghat at 8 a.m. We hired a fine boat. We started our journey from Homna ghat at 10 a.m. There were two boatmen. The sky was clear. The river was calm () and full to the brim (1). At first the boatmen plied (b) the boat with oars (5). When the wind was favourable, they set sail (). Soon the boat began to move fast (6). There were small waves in the river. The boat began to dance with the waves. The boatmen were singing. It was a 'Bhatiali' song. It filled us with joy.

Scenery I enjoyed: We enjoyed the scenery of the river. We saw many boats big and small plying up and down. We saw some steamers and motor launches plying through the river. Fishermen were catching fishes in the river. Boys and girls were swimming. Women were going home with jars filled with water. There were green fields on both sides of the river. Cattle were grazing there. At about 4.p.m. we reached the ghat of my friend's house. My friend was very glad to see us. He received us cordially. Conclusion: I was on a.short journey. But it was the most pleasant journey in my life. I enjoyed it so

much that the memory () of the journey will remain ever fresh, (f) in my heart.

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